SEMrush Very popular with SEO agencies and professional bloggers, SEMrush is an SEO tool that allows you to check backlinks, track keyword rankings, conduct keyword research, check competitor Turkey Phone Number most importantly, improve your WordPress site Do a full SEO audit. It also gives you insight into your competitors’ strategies for organic and paid search, display advertising, and link building. SEMrush How to Do an SEO Audit for a WordPress Site!

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Source: Now let’s scrape the WordPress site. Both Google Search Console and Google Analytics can easily get the data. However, with Screaming Frog, we have to run a site crawler to get information Turkey Phone Number Screaming Frog. All you have to do is enter your WordPress website address in the field and press start. The next step depends on whether you are a free user or if you have a license to use Screaming Frog. Now that you’re familiar with the many online tools that are readily available to conduct an SEO audit of your WordPress site… let’s get our hands dirty and dive into the actual process.

Turkey Phone Number

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How to do an SEO audit of your WordPress site and page ranking factors. Now let’s focus on one of the most important aspects of conducting an SEO audit…on-page SEO markup. Since we’re only focusing on WordPress Turkey Phone Number is relatively easy if you use the Yoast SEO plugin. With this, you can constantly monitor the status of on-page SEO in the form of a handy traffic light in the WordPress backend. If you go the manual route, be sure to review the factors mentioned below…especially on your key pages.

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