Our advice to them ask senior students at your college about suitable laptops. For everyone else when buying a laptop focus only on essential points . Durability and Portability To rush between lecture halls you need a laptop that is resistant to mild shocks . Therefore choose between laptops with a stronger designed case. At the same time the device should be thin and light enough to easily fit in a bag or backpack. Quality detachable keyboard Taking notes is one of the primary tasks of students. Consider whether devices with an electronic pen and a touch screen are more suitable for you. You can also find so called hybrid laptops on the market which have detachable keyboards and can be transformed into smart tablets if necessary.

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If you decide on a classic laptop in any case pay attention to the keyboard it sh C Level Executive List ould be of good quality because you really don t want wobbly plastic keys while typing quickly. Durable battery When choosing between laptops be sure to also check the durability of the battery. The longer its lifespan the better. You need a device that will be able to work uninterrupted without charging all day. Good price To write notes and essays send e mails and surf the web you don t need high end equipment however due to the speed of the computer we recommend an i processor . Our advice is also that the laptop is equipped with at least GB of RAM.

 C Level Executive List

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The good news is that practically all standard laptops already coh India Lead intain all of the above even those from lower price ranges. Even better autumn is also a period of big discounts. Black Friday is coming which is perfect for this kind of shopping We have also prepared a special quiz for you on our website based on your answers our predictive algorithm will suggest the optimal choice of laptops for you based on your computer usage.

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