The key with Tutanota is that all data is always encrypted, even when stored locally on the desktop client. The smart search feature creates an encrypted search index that is searched locally on the client. This ensures that our servers do not see any of your data or any of your search queries. Tutanota is the only email service with this combination of usability and security.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to install the Tutanota desktop client now. The desktop client ensures that your data is always protected to the maximum.

In case you don’t use Tutanota yet, sign up for your new email account now.

Choose your favorite Tutanota email apps to easily use your encrypted mailbox on all your devices

Market Data-Driven Decision-Making

Doing nothing or waiting seems Marketing Directors Email Lists to be less and less a realistic option. Smaller organizations that are less under the magnifying glass of the Dutch Data Protection Authority are not expected to run the immediate risk of fines. But if a ban is actually announced, there is of course a violation from a legal point of view, and therefore a risk.

This is of course different for larger organizations and companies that work with special personal data. Not only because the risk of inspection is greater, but also because possible fines are very hefty. The  risk of reputational damage should not be underestimated either.


Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

Big Data and Technology Services

Finally, it is advisable to implement an alternative analytics tool from European soil, in addition to Google Analytics 4. This allows you to switch the link relatively quickly and easily as soon as there is actually a ban on

Google Analytics in the Netherlands

Switching completely to another tool is currently not advisable, because the costs involved extend much further than the actual implementation costs or licensing costs of such a tool alone. After all, you also have to deal with loss of data, the lack of links between, for example, advertising systems and analytics that other software suppliers simply do not have.

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