Mint Health is a diet, nutrition and health management platform for the sports health industry. The author of this article analyzes the current Mint Health APP from the product perspective, and sorts Thailand Phone Number out the highlights of its products and areas for improvement in the community. The content of the article includes the following 5 Aspects: product functional structure, market and competitive product analysis, user analysis, in-depth user interviews, and functional optimization plans.

This article analyzes the current healthy development of mint, combined with the market environment and product characteristics, and puts forward some of its own views and optimization suggestions.

Market and product positioning

I remember chatting with a friend who was losing weight, she told me: “When losing weight, you really need to be very careful. If you accidentally eat the wrong thing for a few days, your efforts will be in vain. You have to carefully calculate the calories you consume and consume every day. You must also ensure your own nutrition, as malnutrition can easily lead to subsequent diseases.”

I think, indeed, many young people now have begun to pay Thailand Phone Number attention to healthy weight loss, nutrition management, and purchase related healthy weight loss food, and achieve weight loss while ensuring nutrition.

When I use mint for health, I can record my diet every day to know whether my nutrition is balanced. At the same time, you can also see the recipes shared by other users, learn about nutrition and weight loss from the community, and you can also buy the products you are interested in from the mall, which is very convenient to manage your weight and preserve nutrition. These are all other An experience that is hard to come by with weight loss products.

Competitive product analysis

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In the field of Internet health, the segments that occupy the main market activity are sports health. Physical health, health insurance. Pregnancy and infant health and health management. The above-mentioned Thailand Phone Number Mint Health is not limited to the management of food and nutrition. And has expanded its business to fitness and weight loss, smart devices, women’s menstrual cycle management. And health management of mothers and children. Although it has not yet become a climate in the new business field, it has already achieved certain achievements.

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