Editor’s introduction: How should the product creit line be designe so that it can be manage reasonably? The author of this article Iran Phone Number  gives a detailed explanation for us starting from the amount. In addition, by enumerating the scenario design of three quota management businesses. It helps us to better understand the product credit quota management process of small. Medium and micro enterprises. Small, medium and micro Iran Phone Number  enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “enterprises”) confirm the sales order, and then deliver the goods first.

What Is the Amount? Iran Phone Number

And the customer pays after a period of time, resulting in the occupation of enterprise funds. When an enterprise buys raw materials Iran Phone Number  or goods, it first pays a deposit to the supplier, and after a period of time, the enterprise receives the raw materials and then produces or distributes the goods after receiving the goods, resulting in the lack of operating capital for the enterprise. In order to solve the shortage of funds, enterprises apply for loans from financial institutions. Enterprises provide financial institutions with information such as orders, contracts, and Iran Phone Number  operating conditions with customers, hoping to obtain funds to support daily operations or expand business scale.

Second, Product Design Does This Iran Phone Number

Iran Phone Number

The financial institution selects suitable loan products for the enterprise, and approves the enterprise’s product credit line (hereinafter referred to Iran Phone Number v as the line). The enterprise applies for the use of the quota under the approved quota to obtain the loan, and the financial institution grants the loan to the enterprise after approval. 1. What is the amount? The limit in this paper dfine as the enterprise’s credit limit. Which is the current repayment ability  of the enterprise assessed by financial institutions. The current repayment ability is quantified as the maximum loan principal limit that can be lent to the enterprise.



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