Editor’s Guide: How to avoid homogenization of products? Based on what the author thinks about the project practice at work. Starting from the causes of product Singapore Phone Number homogeneity. Combined with the specific application cases of enterprises and users. The author shares his thoughts on this topic for everyone to reference and study together. This article just wants to answer the title question from the perspective of personal understanding. Singapore Phone Number If there are any shortcomings, please correct me and discuss. 1. Why is there product homogeneity? The product is the carrier of demand realization, and the medium of value exchange between enterprises and users.

Why Is There Product Homogeneity Singapore Phone Number

Not only … but also, Demand is sourced and not created out of thin air, which Singapore Phone Number means that visible, exchangeable and profitable demand is limited to a certain extent (without the addition of new elements) (this is the same as the infinite demand itself. gender does not conflict). It is no longer a blue ocean in the early days of the mobile Internet. And it can take off from the wind. In addition to this external factor, the trial and error cost of a new business is often much higher than that of a proven product. Therefore, in order to seek stability, many companies with their own strength will enter the same track to compete. However, it is difficult for users to maintain a stable user group due to Singapore Phone Number the low cost of substitution for products with no differences.

Starting From the User, Accurately Singapore Phone Number

Singapore Phone Number

Not only … but also, If there are any shortcomings or problems, please communicate and correct them. 2. Starting from the user, accurately grasp the product positioning 1. Fliggy VS Ctrip Because Singapore Phone Number I needed to book a hotel when I went to Chengdu some time ago, I originally wanted to simply do a price comparison. However, it was unexpectedly found that the recommendation logic of the two APP hotels is very different. According to the recommendation results, it is not difficult to find that Ctrip’s keywords are business-type and mid-end hotels, while Fliggy is more focused on economy and hotel apartments (homestays), and the overall average price between the two also Singapore Phone Number widens the gap. As the big brother in the travel industry,



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