One lucrative market opportunity in the digital e-commerce world is online course sales. This is a booming market. While not everyone gets rich overnight, even as a side hustle, it’s possible to make a decent income. In fact, the e-learning market is expected to reach $30 billion by 2025.

How Sky Pilot works

Sky Pilot is designed to make it easier for Algeria Mobile Number you and your customers to enjoy the best experience when buying digital products. When a customer buys a file from your website, a similar app takes the customer to a brand new Shopify store, where they’re directed to a page in your store. From here, they can easily download the necessary files/stream videos. Also, after purchasing, your customers will receive an email with a link where they can download the file in your store. This gives customers the option to wait to download their files at a more convenient time. Likewise, as we’ve already said, customers can also access their files or videos by logging into their Shopify store at any time. When they do, they’re taken to a page that shows all the files/playlists/streaming videos they’ve purchased. 

Sky Pilot Review: Key Features of Sky Pilot

Sky Pilot offers several features that make it an Algeria Mobile Number interesting proposition for any Shopify store owner who wants to sell digital products. For each item listed in your store, you can attach unlimited files and videos to each item. You can even organize files into folders, which is great for guided digital content. You can tag all delivery pages and organize files and videos into playlists and folders. This makes them easy to deliver and easy for customers to locate. Additionally, you can customize the checkout and thank you page buttons to reflect your branding. You can access basic settings or complete code customization. However, you need some programming knowledge to get the most out of the latter. You can also customize the confirmation email sent from Sky Pilot to customers to reflect your branding.

Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

Sky Pilot Review: What Sky Pilot Customers Say and Customer Support

Overall, Sky Pilot’s customers seem to be a happy Algeria Mobile Number bunch. The app has mostly 5 star reviews. More specifically, customers praise its ease of use, excellent customer service, and simplicity of organizing digital files. People also seem to like the Sky Pilot’s customization capabilities. Less satisfied customers (seems to be a minority) complain that if you want to sell larger files, such as movies, the cost becomes high. Customers can get support via email: [email protected] You can also check out Sky Pilot’s FAQs on the Shopify App Store or directly through the Corknine-created Sky Pilot website. Here you will find a small number of articles under the following headings:


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