To find out the current status of a domain name, WHOIS records can be consulted. WHOIS; It is a database where information such as the ownership information given during domain name registration, the establishment where the domain name is registered, registration and renewal dates are recorded.

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) codes are the codes that indicate the status of a domain name in WHOIS records. Every domain name has at least one status code .

With these codes, you can tell if your domain is about to go down, whether your domain is securely locked to prevent unauthorized transfers, unauthorized renewals or unauthorized deletions.

We can also learn from these

codes whether there are any Partners Email Lists restrictions or pending actions regarding the domain we have registered, and if so, when your domain name will become available.

There are two different types of EPP status codes; client and server codes. Both types of status codes appear when you perform a WHOIS search for your domain. We can list

An informative status code used for the first few days of your domain registration. You can understand this as “no problem” with your domain name. When you see this code, it is useful to remember that a domain name must remain with the current registrar for at least 60 days after registration. It cannot be to another institution during this period.

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Auto Renew Period

It is the automatic extension or renewal of a domain name after the registration period expires.

It is the status code indicating that your domain name is not in DNS. You may encounter this code if you have not provided the necessary documents for domain extensions such as that require documentation. It is that you contact your registrar. Enforcement of your registrar’s restrictions such as “clientTransferProhibited”, “clientDeleteProhibited” and “clientUpdateProhibited” can help prevent unauthorized transfers or deletion of your domain name.

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