The Internet identifies websites not by their names, but by their IP addresses; therefore every web server where sites are stored needs a Domain Name System (DNS) server to translate domain names into IP addresses.

DNS cannot connect to an IP address for an expired domain name.

There are stages in the lifecycle of a domain name: Registerable, Renewed, Expired, Redemption, Pending drop/deletion.

The expired domain is deactivated by the registrar within one day or after twenty-four hours and the domain is referred to as “downgrade” or “expired”.

This means that not only the website

Also the e-mail account associated with the domain name becomes inactive. However, we cannot say that once a domain name expires. It is immediately out of the game. In one to forty-five days, you can renew Investors Email Lists your domain name again by paying the renewal and delay fee set by the registrar.

Another important point to know here is that when a domain name expires, it cannot be  to a different domain or hosting company unless it is.

With the non-renewal of the above-mentioned 45-day period. A 30-day period called the redemption period begins, during which most registrars begin to delete the information contained in the domain name.

Investors Email Lists

The domain name can be from

The internet completely, which means it can be costly to get your settings and information back. Because most registrars will charge a high fee to recover your domain name. Therefore, you must be careful not to fall into the process of penance.

the 30-day redemption period and there is nothing you can do to keep your domain name from being. You cannot renew your domain name during this time.

The ability to reuse a domain name that has gone through all. These stages for a new website pointing to a new IP address starts after these 5 days called pending delete.

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