Psychics SB Ras, and Andrei Medvedev turned 60 years old. But if you want to talk about yourself and personal victory, you refused to save the Jubilee, and it’s not just the dignity, and the dignity of the head that is common in general matters.

“Let’s be better about the Institute,” he advised his position. – Last year, he was 60 years old, we are the same age. A good time – a time when you can not only build, but to carry out the complex and loving plans.

Moreover, despite all known circumstances and all related restrictions. The time that will encourage the search for unusual solutions and increase resistance to problems The inevitable talk turned into a project that the institution is now alive.

Complete Web Development

Power in the field of Sb Sb aims to implement the integration project that has the importance and importance of helicophysical.

– The project is complex VP Risk Email Lists many different it is clear that there are problems. But we are confident that “our cause is right” and “victory will be behind us.” We have a reliable, consistent and very active partner – the state Corporation Rotech

The chairman of the scientific and technical council of which is Yuri Kolte. Rotech provides us completely at all levels and spaces – at the level of the space council, and at the level of the government of the Russian Federation, services and various Russian departments and departments.

VP of Risk Email Lists

A New Online Venture

Aseries of optical dishes in Torus has been sent, it appeared at the end of last year. In 2021, we plan to successfully complete the state test for one of the largest objects in the complex – the largest telescope on a piece of w

ire with a three-meter glass motor. This is the territory of the Solar Observatory. The height of the Telescope Tower will reach 42 meters. in an area called Huarache.

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