99designs, like many websites that take privacy & security seriously, runs a bug bounty program; we pay “good hackers” to hack us and inform us of vulnerabilities that we then fix. As a global creative platform predominantly delivered via the web, most of the issues raised are fairly unremarkable CSRF and the occasional XSS vulnerabilities, but recently we had a report that stood out and took us on an interesting journey:

With responses from

Over 10k designers to distill and visualize, Anya worked closely with 99designs to bring the data points to life. For the 46-page report—which offers a comprehensive view into the experiences of the global creative freelance workforce—she created custom illustrations, charts and infographics, plus the layout itself.

Her personal

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Experience as a professional freelancer added a layer of authenticity to the finished piece. (Case in point: she took reference photos of herself to ensure the characters occupying the pages were relatable.)

We recently spoke to Anya about her creative Hong Kong Phone Number practice and discovered she embodies the modern freelancer outlined in Design Without Borders. She’s educated, resourceful (thanks, YouTube!), works with clients all over the world, and is dedicated to continuously learning.

At university I designed posters for different events, and that’s when I discovered the importance of visual communication. Graphic design and I have been inseparable ever since. I never notice time pass when I’m on my laptop illustrating, and I’m always so excited to see my visions come to life. It gives me a sense of fulfillment like nothing else.

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