When a brand bets on a specific value and performs its actions in order to relate to this concept, it has to be clear about its actions Austria Email List and execute them correctly so that the consumer recognizes the communication used. Finetwork has been an example of this in multiple campaigns , which in many cases have the focus on sports sponsorship that they strive so hard to promote.The national fiber and mobile operator, in addition to its involvement with national Austria Email List sports, also stands out for the creativity and ingenuity of its actions and the peculiar humor that characterize its communications. Recently, he already did it by “sneaking” into the live of Ibai Llanos on Twitch , while he dislodged the audience with the supposed streamer’s desk. And he did it again with an Austria Email List action that goes beyond a live video.

How is Finetwork involved Austria Email List with the RFEF? The Royal Spanish Football Federation is the ideal setting to transmit the values ​​for which Finet work is committed. And for that reason, he decided to carry out a strategy that is both creative and original: Offering all the impacted people the Coach’s telephone number with the excuse that, as the Coach himself commented at Austria Email List a press conference, the journalists did not call him to ask him relevant information about the team.

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As Sponsoring Partner of the Austria Email List Spanish Soccer Team, Finetwork decided that the European championship was the appropriate context to share this telephone number with the audience . Although no action is carried out without a goal, and this time what was behind it was a draw for a trip and two tickets to see the Spain – Milan in the Italian Austria Email List country on October 6.

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