To ensure that the research runs smoothly, it is advisable to organize an (online) meeting in advance to tell participants about the research. In this you explain what the research is about, what it will yield if you participate in it, what is expect of participants, where the research takes place, how they should prepare themselves and any other practical matters.

It is also important to explain the approach of the research. A participant in a socially vulnerable situation often encounters situations in which it appears that he/she lacks the ability to think or act. This can be hurtful or evoke feelings of shame.

Therefore, emphasize in this meeting (and repeat during the introduction of the study/interview) that research is being done to ensure that what is being

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and that the participant has been invited to test judge. In this way, the participant is prepar, has more understanding of what he is participating in and there will be fewer questions or uncertainties.

Adjust the duration of the interview, questionnaire or user survey to the group you are involving in the survey. This can mean that you schule an hour instead of 45 minutes, so that you can give people more Chief and VP of Training Email Lists time to think. You do this by, for example, allowing longer silences. Or that you decide it is too taxing for a certain group to interview for an hour. Then choose to conduct a half-hour interview.


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Recently, I have paid extra attention to the group of people with a mild intellectual disability (LVB) in our research. What do people ne if the reading or thinking level is below average?

You adapt the research with various (vulnerable) target groups. Different skills and environments to the level, thinking and acting ability of the target group. For example, I did not use a task-orient scenario for. User research on digital services with LVB staff, but I went through the process step by step with the respondents.

This was evaluat by means of a conversation and that clearly gave qualitatively better results.

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