European schools can now wait until Big Tech fixes its privacy issues. Or they can start looking for European alternatives. The latter will have a huge positive impact for Europe and Europeans as a whole:

  1. European technology companies are getting stronger and can establish an alternative to Big Tech.
  2. The data of European citizens is protected in accordance with the GDRP.
  3. The data is stored in Europe and there is no data transfer.

Tutanota, for example, meets all the requirements that a European school would want to protect the sensitive data of students, teachers and parents. Many schools, especially in Germany, already use Tutanota.


In a very sensitive business environment, we have chosen Tutanota among various encryption programs. Tutanota impresses with its extremely simple application. Even non-technical colleagues Manufacturing Directors Email Lists can encrypt sensitive text and attachments in accordance with data protection regulations. It also highlights the easy administration, immediately accessible and always friendly experts and a fair price,” says Dietmar Kopp of the Maria-Montessori school .


Consistent Behavior

Consistent behavior is the principle that once you say yes, you will say yes more often. It doesn’t have to be a literal ‘yes’ answer, it can also be about behaviour. The ‘yes’ then is doing (yes, I do). This principle can make all the difference, especially r example: if you want to give away a white paper about 4 types of entrepreneurs, it can be useful to offer a quiz first.

Entrepreneurs fill in the questions and for each question they actually say ‘yes, I’m  doing it’. If you then say at the end: enter your e-mail address to receive the results, there is a good chance that they will say ‘yes’ again with their behavior. 

Manufacturing Production Directors, Managers Email Lists

How do you apply consistent behavior in writing a good headline? 

algorithms to harden encryption against future quantum computer attacks. This is a big step in securing our data, as quantum computers will easily be able to break current algorithms.

Tutanota has already developed a working prototype to securely encrypt emails with the algorithms now defined by NIST, namely CRYSTALS-Kyber and CRYSTALS-Dilithium. “The algorithms now chosen by NIST have proven to be the best option for quantum-resistant encryption in our email prototype,” explains Vitor Sakaguti, a member of the PQMail research project.

You can apply that in a headline by packing 2 statements into one headline. The first statement is about the identity of the potential reader. The second statement is about the blog. For example:

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