We hope that the contributions of this study help brand managers to optimize their role and achieve a more favorable allocation of resources that in many cases is insufficient and inconsistent.Trends in packaging 2021 Victor Mirabet Trends in packaging 2021 Posted on February 4, 2021 Packaging will continue to play a key role in the new paradigm that the Covid-19 crisis has brought with it, both as an element of the product and marketing mix, as well as in its facet of experience and brand building. And following the trends in packaging 2021 will be part of the success.

Misery for those of us who are dedicated to trying

To solve communication problems through images. Because an image, in itself, admits an unlimited Logo Designs Service variety of interpretative and emotional reactions. Each one ‘reads’ the same image in. A different proper and personal way that may even depend on the personal. Moment in which that reading is made. It’s a forest it’s autumn. Holidays disconnection. Peace -Sunset Sunrise There is so much information in an image that each person. Can make the reading that at that moment seems more interesting and reasonable. Even in images as simple as this one. And it is that as he said, even the same observer can change his perception according.  To the moment or mood in which he finds himself. And that is something that in our trade.

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The trade of those of us who work with images

The trade of those of us who work with images, we cannot allow ourselves . For each image that we propose we must try to delimit what is the reading that India Lead we want to be done in the first instance . That and no other. Embedded words. In other words, Images that are words This is the reason why almost all our works need to incorporate words (texts) to the image. Words that try to minimize the range of possible ‘readings’ of an image so that the reading(s) made by the receiver are (or are among) the desired ones and not others. Video player 00:00 00:02 For example: a wink is a wink. But in it you can see a clown, a flirt, complicity, something festive.

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