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People share video with friends twice as much as any other content. And with many social media platforms doubling down on video and TikTok-style shorts. it’s no question that video engagement is key. If you haven’t brought video into your social media strategy. consider this your “twist my arm” moment. But video creation requires work. You want your time and effort to go toward content that is effective for your channels and your brand. And to know what videos work. you need the right metrics. Let’s explore video engagement metrics that help you understand organic performance across your biggest channels.

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Dive deeper into video engagement performance with Sprout Social Sprout’s Premium Analytics give you a full. 360-degree view of how your videos—paid and organic—perform on social. Fast reporting helps you understand what content impacts your business and strategy. and how. Request a Georgia Phone Numbers demo to try Sprout’s Premium Analytics tools and see how they can enhance your strategy. Before we start. know your goals If you feel overwhelmed by the dozens of video metrics out there. there’s good news—you can be choosy. The best way to pick the right metrics is to ask yourself: what are my channel-specific goals?

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As Sprout Social’s Senior Social Media Manager Rachael Samuels puts it. “On every network. the metric that relates to the goal or purpose of the video is what you should measure. If you want people to comment or take action. views aren’t the most important but view duration might be. If your goal is awareness. if it’s an ad. if you want your video in front of thousands of people—views are more important.” Video engagement metrics you need to improve content performance

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While everyone knows metrics like views and impressions can inform performance. they might not tell the full story. Here are some key video engagement metrics to help you dive deeper into your performance data and know where to focus your production efforts. Facebook video metrics to watch A video view on Facebook counts when a user watches a video for at least three seconds. Average video time watched This can help you understand your audience’s preferred video length. Sound on vs. Sound off video views The vast majority of video on the internet are watched without sound.


Knowing whether your videos are watched with or without sound can help you prioritize captions. music. voiceover and more. Dig into how sound on vs. sound off video plays compare using Sprout Social’s Premium Analytics tools. A closeup of Sprout’s Premium Analytics data spreadsheet showing sound on versus sound off video views. Full video views vs. partial A partial view is the number of times users watch a video for at least three seconds. but no more than 30 seconds and not to the end.

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