In addition, must be no standard answer to open questions. This part mainly examines personal hobbies, occupations, and values. To be a good professional, you must first be a “good” person.As for the interpretation of this “good”, it is up to the interviewer to grasp it by himself. For transfer students and fresh graduates, I will pay more attention to this part of the communication. In this part, I communicate with candidates for at least 20 minutes.

4. Candidate questions

in the first place, at the end of the Turkey Mobile Number interview, I will give candidates the opportunity to ask questions. Asking a good question is  definitely a reflection of personal ability. However, most of the questions I received were focused on salary and benefits.

5. Performance record

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Most interviewers will write some feedback directly onto a paper resume or directly into a computer. I personally don’t recommend a similar approach, because these small gestures during the interview process can distract candidates and affect their performance. My personal approach is this:

  • In addition, symbolic record of the answer to each question is recorded in the upper right corner of the resume home page.
  • Highlights answer, record “+”.
  • Terrible answer, record “-“.
  • Compare the resumes of multiple candidates and select five candidates with better (+more-less) candidates.
  • Exclude two candidates who not impressed enough, and leave three resumes to go through the re-examination process.

In addition, it highly not recommended to use the pass method to filter candidates. Frankly speaking, many interviewers themselves are not clear enough about the criteria for the ideal candidate. Directly use the pass method to compare a single object, lacking a comprehensive reference. In addition, the ducks often put on the shelves, and a disabled elder brother chooses a makeshift younger brother.

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