This is a good thing: We want researchers find possible weak points to be able to solve them. The more mature these algorithms are, the more confidence we can have in the security of our protocol”, adds Vitor.

That does not mean that you should just give everything away, but that you are open to questions or if the customer wants to meet if something goes wrong. 

Examples are: Great and immersive life begins with this eBook – download now!

The answer to the 5 most frequently asked questions about cybersecurity for freelancers 

Pietje Puk, CEO at Appel: ‘With Klaasje as VA I’m back on top of things’

In the latter case, you show that you completely unburden Pietje and that makes you sympathetic. Customer cases are also a solution in this case: you provide the burden of proof for the fact that you are sympathetic. 

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Everyone knows the scarcity principle: it will soon run out, so I have to buy it quickly now. Supermarkets refer to this when it says: gone = gone. Or let’s take  there are still 2 rooms available for this price. Then you better Engineering Directors Email Lists book quickly, because the rooms will soon be gone! It is the idea that we will soon be (the only one) without that drives us forward when it comes to scarcity. 

Not only in your offer can you indicate that customers only have a limited edition or time to purchase your product or service. You can also explicitly name it in the title of your landing page or blog.

It is a strong motivation for many people, so it is not surprising to respond to it. For example:


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With Data Cleansing Solutions

Cialdini describes unity as a qualitative principle: because someone like me agrees to something, I do it. It is a principle that fits well with customer-oriented entrepreneurship.

You have defined an ideal customer and write everything for that customer.

This means that others who identify with your ideal customer automatically count themselves in the same group. If you can provide proof that like-minded people have also bought your product or service, you increase the chance that a conversion will take place. 

Incidentally, people (unconsciously) also identify with people they do not know. Take the Netherlands. Although you do not know all Dutch people, you still feel a bond with them because they live in the Netherlands.

 The same goes for mothers: you feel connected to other mothers, even though you do

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