Editor’s introduction: We have places where we need to score everywhere in our lives. For example, when we order takeout or go to a restaurant. We habitually Argentina Phone Number go to see how the reviews are; this article is the author’s share about the scoring model in business, system, and company. The meaning, as well as the methodology of construction, let’s learn together. 1. What is a scoring model Before writing this article. I have been thinking about the significance of the scoring model to businesses, systems, and companies. If I describe the Argentina Phone Number scoring model in one sentence. My definition is— a group of things (evaluation subject) from qualitative analysis to The process of quantitative analysis . Second, the significance of building a scoring model.

What Is a Scoring Model Argentina Phone Number

The scoring modl is widely use on the platform. Common transaction, content, social, and community platforms will widely use the scoring model or Argentina Phone Number the hierarchical model (the hierarchical model is more classified based on the scoring model). Why a platform? As the connection between the supply sid and the dmand side, the platform is often use to encourage, punish. And restrain the supply side and the demand side through the formulation of rules in the construction of the platform ecology, creating a positive experience and promoting the Argentina Phone Number platform to develop in a benign and positive direction. . In the formulation and implementation of rules, rules are often formulate base on the values ​​of the platform, and then measured by the scoring model (system).

Second, the Significance of Argentina Phone Number

Argentina Phone Number

Therefore, we also say that the scoring model is the embodiment of the platform’s values . For example, based on the scenario: there are 100 users in a certain area Argentina Phone Number to take taxis (demand). While the driver (supply capacity) has only 80 units. For this scenario, the logic of the dispatching system of the big D and small D platforms is as follows: Big D platform : It is believed that the taxi-hailing business is a demand-driven business , that is, the core of the platform is to meet the travel needs of all passengers in the shortest time . Argentina Phone Number Therefore, the dispatching system will quantitatively score the driver-route matching degree from the perspective of the global optimum, and then based on the Score for scheduling Xiao D platform : It is believed that the taxi business is a supply-driven business .



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