In the latest edition of RECMA’s renowned Network Diagnostics Report , the independent research company that assesses the media Iraq Email List agency industry, OMD Worldwide, the media agency of the Omnicom Media Group, has been named Best Performing Global Media Network , with the best score in «Structure», in which RECMA evaluates the resources that the agency dedicates to digital and diversified services.The “pitch” in which the palatable media account Iraq Email List of Meta , the parent company of Facebook, was at stake has finally a winning agency: Spark Foundry. The subsidiary of Publicis Groupe has prevailed in a contest that has lasted for seven months and during which the mother company of the largest social network in the world has changed its name to Iraq Email List be renamed Meta.

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As published by AdAge , Spark Foundry Iraq Email List will not only assume the purchase and planning of Meta’s media but will also deal with issues related to media innovation .Meta manages a media budget valued at approximately $ 1 billion. To date, the media account of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg had been managed by GroupM and Dentsu. Both agencies Iraq Email List took part in the pitch, but GroupM, attached to the British holding company WPP, was eliminated in the process. And in the final stage of the contest only Publicis Group, Dentsu and Havas made their way.

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Spark Foundry to take over Meta’s media account at a particularly critical time for the company For Publicis Groupe, linking the Meta media Iraq Email List account is another milestone for the French group after having also won in succulent pitches such as those called by Walmart and Toyota. In addition, the French company also recently partnered with TikTok , the social network that Mark Zuckerberg recently described as “one of the most effective competitors we have ever had.” In fact, one Iraq Email List of the reasons for Facebook’s recent rebranding would be to rejuvenate the company in order to compete more efficiently with the Chinese-native app.

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