Beliefs, willing to create it if they can’t find it. Entrepreneurs, influencers , seekers, discoverers… Mostly suspicious of the great massive marketing deployments and passionate about authenticity. Attracted by the proposals that breathe their own personality. Conviction and exclusivity but an exclusivity that is far from. Luxury and that is democratizing, based on mutual recognition and knowing that one is part of something bigger and better. A new consumer who goes out looking for brands does not expect to find them, who demands a unique experience , a relevant proposal, a personal and personalized offer, tailored to them and supported by technology as an ally, and that goes beyond a product and a specific need. It is a more directed, conscious and active consumption.

A revolution that impacts from entertainment

A revolution that impacts from entertainment to the most basic personal care products, with subscriptions that solve recurrence and comfort and in Shadow Making Service which maximum sophistication coexists with the purest raw concept and in which respect for diversity and inclusion are intrinsic. «Homes without televisions, stores without products, restaurants without tables, new challenges where brands must find their space, their relevance and their purpose». Faced with this consumer who reinvents himself and takes control, it is not only useful to update the brand story , be sustainable, connect emotionally , stand out more or sign up for the latest network of the moment. The consumer has changed Brands must understand that it is not just about a new context, new players, new sales channels.

Shadow Making Service

New ways of communicating and approaching

New ways of communicating and approaching the consumer, but rather that the consumer himself is the one who has changed. And before this they need India Lead to redefine themselves, know how to respond and live up to the expectations and demands of this new consumer that the pandemic has pushed digital consumption even more and towards new forms of relationship. If we want to be relevant to this new generation of consumers and last over time , we must consider the transformation of our brands. How? Let’s start with: Tips to face the transformation Use the brand as a source of inspiration and apply digital thinking Add value to people’s lives and review the purpose as an organization Build a strong brand identity, where tone and personality are essential Redefine the experience around.

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