The study not only looked at remote Austria Phone Number working versus the office, but also at other types of remote working. Three common types of policy were asked: flexible working hours, non-meeting days and a four-day working week (4DWW). remote business support Source: Buffer 2022 The research shows that the four-day Austria Phone Number working week is the least common policy, but the most desirable. Only 17% of people say their organization has a 4DWW, while 69% in the survey say they wish their organization had this policy. At Buffer they have already moved to a 4DWW and have no intention of going back to a five day work week. In a recent team survey, 91% of the team report being happier and more productive by Austria Phone Number working four days a week.

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Do you still use Mailchimp? Then you Austria Phone Number do not fully comply with the AVG guidelines. It is therefore wise to switch to an e-mail tool from an EU-based party. But which Mailchimp alternative do you choose? There are tons of email tools to choose from and it’s not easy to compare them. I’d be happy to lend Austria Phone Number you a hand. After a quick scan of the options and pricing of various tools, I chose to compare the cheaper tools that are comparable to Mailchimp (but AVG-proof). These are Laposta, Hellodialog and Mailcamp. Advantages and disadvantages of tools Are you looking for that one e-mail tool that has everything and is also cheap – or rather free –? Then stop looking. You won’t find it. Each tool Austria Phone Number has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of features, links and pricing.

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Laposta The biggest advantage of Austria Phone Number Laposta is that it is free to use up to 12,000 emails per month to a maximum of 2,000 contacts. Will you stay within this number? Score! But remember, you get what you pay for. Laposta isn’t a bad alternative to Mailchimp, but the editor leaves something to be desired. There are several design restrictions. You will not immediately find out when you get started, but the further you get, the more limitations you encounter and the more you will become annoyed by them. To Austria Phone Number name a few examples: the color of uploaded images differs from the original. And you can only choose from a limited number of fonts (although this is also the case with Mailcamp). In addition, you can use a maximum font size of 36px in text blocks. Larger is possible, but you have to Austria Phone Number choose a ‘title line’ block for that. Not impossible, but you just have to know

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