did it weaken human health, it also weakened business wealth. Many organizations have opted for “work from home (WFH)” for their employees. This is actually a new way of working for most employees and organizations.

But in Our Dextrasys Office, Remote Work Is Not New And

is already rooted in our culture. Employees always had the ability to select a place of work using the “work from home” policy. We, Dextrasys, started this WFH model 10 years ago and have been running it successfully, and I am one of them.

Currently, remote work is normal, but many people are new to this remote work environment and are physically isolated from their colleagues and office environment.

From my experience, here are some FAQs that will guide you on how to work productively and focus at home without compromising your personal life in this critical situation.

If you plan to work remotely, you need to have the essential tools in place to work effectively. The first of them is a trusted laptop or desktop computer. You can also use headphones to avoid external noise and focus on your work. It’s always good to have an ergonomic desk and chair so that you can sit and work comfortably. You may also need a comfortable mouse (if you’re a touchpad expert, that’s fine). Philippines Photo Editor

Philippines Photo Editor

One of The Most Important Things to Check Is Your Internet Connection.

As a first step, choose the best connection for your home Wi-Fi setup and run a speed test to see if there are any issues. Always make sure your connection is secure when you routinely process sensitive and sensitive data.

A dedicated workspace is the most important factor in working from home. Create a professional zone and set up your files as if you were in a desk with a laptop or an office workspace. By creating another professional zone, you will immediately enter “work mode” when you sit down.

The first step towards effective “remote work” is to maintain your usual morning routine. Make sure you wake up at the same time you normally obey and wear proper clothes as if you were going to work in the office. Before you start a day, make a to-do list of tasks that you need to complete for that day. You can also set an exact time frame for your daily tasks to ensure that you are following the exact timing. Take regular breaks between working hours.

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