A lot of my friends say I’m very thoughtful, motivated, and know what I want. But it’s not. For a long time, I didn’t know what I should do and what the future would be like.

I have always wanted to record my experience in writing, but I usually observe and think about the process, and I haven’t acted. On the other hand, I think that my writing is very general and has inertia and procrastination. Today I will calm down and New Zealand Mobile Number share with you a very trendy operation plan about “me”.

I myself divide this article into four parts and tell everyone about it

Part 1: How did I get into the “operation pit”

Part II: Important Growth History

Part 3: My Learning Methods and Channels

Part 4: Recent Thoughts and My Plans for the Future

I hope you can listen to me in detail like listening to a story~

How did I get into the “operation pit”

Let me ask you a question first: Can your New Zealand Mobile Number current profession let you do it for 10 years and you can stick to it?

If not, I suggest to change quickly while you are young, and choose an industry and career that suits you or you like.

I choose to operate, I think it is also a big move for my career planning.

The thing is like this, I studied product design in university (in fact, it is not Internet products but industrial design). At first, I learned all kinds of self-study software in university, such as PS, AI, AE, and PR. The original intention of learning these It’s because I have little knowledge and I don’t know what major to choose after graduation. I can only study hard and pray that I can find a relatively good job after graduation. But slowly I found that the more I studied, the more boring I became.

New Zealand Mobile Number
New Zealand Mobile Number

After graduating in 2017, I came to Shenzhen to start the journey of “dream” taking off. As a result, I was hanged and beaten for a while. When I came to Shenzhen, I couldn’t find a job, or the salary was not too low. It lasted for one month. For me, a fresh graduate with no savings, it was really painful. I was really afraid that I would be called back by my parents before I came. I still joined a company as a visual designer for the sake of face.

But I am very clear: I can do design for one, two, two or three years, but as a lifelong career, I really feel that I really can’t stick to it, and then I began to think about exploring new career directions.



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