Who is not familiar with a term called mailing list. If you grew up in the early era of the internet, you must know it. If you don’t use it, at least you’ve probably heard of it. Usually the mailing list is used by people who have the same interest in something. For example, you are a person who is interested in the world of the internet and technology Venezuela Phone Number joining a mailing list, or what is familiarly called a mailing list is a must so that you don’t miss the latest information. Along with the development of time and technology, the notion of mailing lists began to shift. It is no longer a gathering place for people with the same interests or hobbies. But has now turned into one of the best tools in marketing activities. This article will specifically discuss what .a mailing list is in terms of marketing tools.

Meaning of Mailing List Nowadays

As explained in the first paragraph of this article, nowadays the mailing list has experienced a slight shift in meaning. Especially since the start of the digital marketing trend. Now, mailing lists are starting to be used and are considered a very powerful marketing tool

The most basic way to build it is to know the name and address. Information of anyone who buys or has an interest in your product. If you sell via email, you can get information about potential customers. If not, you can provide the form and convince them to fill it out.

Why is it Important to Build a Mailing List?

This question will come up when you don’t know how it contributes positively to the marketing of a brand. People who subscribe to email is a very valuable asset. Generally, people will subscribe to email

Segmentation means the process of grouping your  you can personalize your emails based on the interests of your subscribers.

This can go a long way in increasing the chances of your email being opened and increasing conversions. Another thing that can increase conversions is to always present new content to customers. This is a technique. Where you offer additional content at the end of the most. popular posts on your blog or website. This method can generally increase conversions up to 5 times than regular posts. There are many ways to increase email leads, and here are


The three things above are relatively easy to do and all of them do not require programming or design skills. This article focuses on the last two points. If you don’t have a blog or website yet, please follow the steps in the following a

Almost all internet


users have at least one active email account. Currently, there are about 3.8 billion internet users who have email. Where this is half of the total human population on earth. This is why almost all businesses have an email list.

Big-name brands have learned from the  they invest a lot of money. In campaigns to get people to sign up for a mailing list. These companies understand that email marketing is a long-term investment. with good conversions because people will look forward to every interesting message  know Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Campaigns via social media as well as efforts in the form of SEO can become useless due to changes in the policies of each of these platforms. On the other hand, by

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