Editor’s Guide: Product strategy determines the success or failure of a product. But it is not fully implemente in actual work. Therefore, when formulating Saudi Arabia Phone Number strategies. Product managers must optimize and iterate according to the actual situation, and add more meaning to the product. How to formulate specifically? What do product managers need to think about? The article explains this, let’s take a look~ Saudi Arabia Phone Number Although product strategy is important. It is not always implemente effectively. One of the key issues I encounter in my work is that strategy and execution are not aligne, but disconnecte.

Enter the Cycle Saudi Arabia Phone Number

To solve this problem, I developed an iterative process called the Product Strategy Cycle. The cycle systematically links strategy and execution, so the former can Saudi Arabia Phone Number guide the latter, while insights gained from Tactical work help shape product strategy. In this article, I explain how to use this cycle to incorporate product strategy. Product roadmaps, KPIs, product backlogs, and development efforts. And discuss the roles of stakeholders and development team members in making effective strategic product decisions Role. 1. Enter the cycle Traditionally, strategy and execution are often viewe as separate, sequential jobs performe by different people. Saudi Arabia Phone Number For example, a product manager might dtermine a product strategy and one or more dvelopment teams might be require to implement that strategy.

Involve the Right People Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Saudi Arabia Phone Number

However, as long as there is innovation, change and risk, this approach is ineffective. Instead, policy and execution must be closely linked: the former should not only Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers guide execution, but execution should inform policy changes and help adjust policy. Based on this insight, I came up with the product strategy cycle shown in the chart below. This is a model of an iterative process that systematically links product strategy with product roadmaps, product backlogs, development efforts, and key performance indicators (KPIs). In the diagram Saudi Arabia Phone Number above, the process starts at the top of the cycle by creating a new strategy for a new or existing product. In the latter case, a new strategy may be required to extend the product’s life cycle, for example, by addressing new markets or segments.



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