Introduction: Our common e-commerce and life service fields can be summarized as trading platforms. Which provide services through Hong Kong Phone Number cooperative or self-operated merchants. Products on the merchant side of the platform usually include order transactions. Merchant marketing tools, supply chain services for merchants, merchant management and other parts. This article mainly writes about the part of business management empowerment. The Hong Kong Phone Number author starts from the specific project he is responsible for. And shares the relevant process of product design of business management business for everyone to learn together.

What Is the Business Management Business? Hong Kong Phone Number

Not only … but also, What is the business management business? Merchant management business refers to the platform’s management and control of merchant services. Merchants are service providers, and platforms are rule-makers. Therefore, merchants need Hong Kong Phone Number to follow the platform’s game rules in the platform, including merchants’ access, drainage, punishment, and withdrawal. For example, in food delivery platforms like Meituan, merchants refer to restaurants and riders. First of all, Meituan will have requirements for merchants, such as taking orders within  a few minutes, serving meals within a few minutes, and the dishes that are successfully placed cannot be sold out, etc.

The First Step Is to Disassemble the Business Model Hong Kong Phone Number

Hong Kong Phone Number

Not only … but also, Well done will give more traffic and other If you don’t do it well, it will reduce traffic and even require merchants to withdraw from the platform. There are requirements for riders such as the number of orders and delivery time. Then, in each city, Hong Kong Phone Number there will be a special person to manage the merchants and riders through various forms such as offline communication. The role of managing the merchants may belong to the marketing department, and the management of riders usually has multiple outlets in a city, and each outlet has Managers manage multiple riders. Depending on the nature of the platform, merchants will have cooperative and self-operated ones.



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