Smart Shopping is actively recommended Belgium Phone Number by Google, in addition to or as a replacement for Google Shopping. Performance Max? As mentioned, Google has already been busy implementing new developments within Google Ads in 2021. Now (before 2021 beta access for larger accounts) there is a new Belgium Phone Number campaign type for all advertisers: Performance Max. This new campaign form will have a prominent place within Google Ads, so it will replace Smart Shopping . We tested Performance Max campaigns on four customers and the results are promising for webshops so far! First of Belgium Phone Number all, we will explain what Performance Max means.

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Performance Max is a combination Belgium Phone Number of display. Video ads, text ads and Google Shopping and stands as a new type of advertising opportunity in Google Ads. Performance Max ads are shown on: Google Search and Search Partners Google Display Network discover gmail YouTube and other video channels Belgium Phone Number Google Maps Performance Max – types of impressions Source: Google Ads As I try to explain Performance Max to customers, it is Smart Shopping campaigns squared or Smart Shopping campaign on steroid. Google Ads requires even more textual, data feed, and visual input and is completely independent in creating content. Where you can only use Smart Shopping as a Belgium Phone Number webshop.

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How to set up Performance Belgium Phone Number Max? As mentioned, Performance Max runs as a completely new form of advertising within Google Ads. Google has already developed a handy tutorial with which you can already take the first steps: I have a few more tips that can help you successfully roll out Performance Belgium Phone Number Max: 1. Provide input Make sure you provide as much input as possible to Google – so basically how you already do this for RSAs and Smart Shopping: Performance Max – assets Performance Max – assets Even if you don’t have all the input, such as YouTube videos, Google creates Belgium Phone Number and comes up with content that contributes to conversions or your predetermined goal.

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