The network of cities left behind a Photography Center in Skopelos which all photography enthusiasts support just because it exists. Its last director did and still does his best to keep alive what originally had no reason to be born. Why should a Photography Center be planted on a remote island one of the most difficult to access where there was no local infrastructure or interest and without a trace of previous private initiative The few successful corresponding attempts were based on the previous presence of dedicated private individuals such as.

The few successful corresponding attempts

Dance Center in Kalamata with Vicky Maragopoulou who Image Masking Service  already ran a ballet school in the same city for years. In the meantime the Skopelos Center absorbs. Significant sums per year in essence to produce an important. Exhibition every two years and distribute it throughout Greece the rest of the time. The tireless efforts of its manager are not able to give life to a rather stillborn idea. The second state institution is the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki. Another institution that absorbs some state funds in order to do nothing special.

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The second state institution is the Museum

To date the only substantial contribution India Lead of the Museum has been the annual organization of a series of exhibitions in Thessaloniki under the title Photographic Syngyria an organization that was inspired and set up by the Thessaloniki resident Aris Georgiou an active private individual who did not need the existence of the Museum for to continue. The establishment of a single Museum of photography does not seem to be preferred internationally. The complexity and multifaceted nature of photography.

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