Perceptual intelligence revolves around the realization that reality is not what it seems and that you must also know – and acknowledge – what you do not know. It is the ability to bring together the perceptions of different people and see the bigger pictur

What do you achieve with this? This makes you more sympathetic, more humble, a more productive person, a better leader and a nicer person to work with. And it also increases your happiness and job satisfaction. Win win. the expectations we have and the reality we live. – Merin de Does

If you have found your happiness at work VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists this is also better for your employer. “Happy employees are healthier, have lower absenteeism, are highly motivated to be successful, are more creative, have better relationships with immediate colleagues and are less likely to leave an organization,” according research . It is therefore important to put happiness at work first in organizations and to ensure job satisfaction, satisfaction and growth.

So work on the shop!

According to Whillans research , people are happier when they value time over money. Money doesn’t buy happiness, time does. For example, time with your loved ones. It’s probably not hard to recognize yourself in it, but sometimes it is to live by it.

Time poverty drains us and makes us unhappy because it feels like we are constantly running out of time. – Roland Grootenboer

There are 3 reasons that keep us busy:

  1. We feel important or wanted when we are busy.
  2. It is difficult for the human brain to deal with uncertain factors. We would rather keep ourselves busy than have time to think about sometimes uncomfortable but important questions like ‘Is this job or career right for me?’
  3. We use ‘being busy’ to avoid having to face certain things.

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How to Use Data Analytics to Become

How do you get out of that natural tendency to be busy all the time? By honestly looking at what is hidden behindthe daily hustle and bustle. And by being honest about what motivates us, so we can make different choices about how and with whom

The fact that we are all so ‘busy’ is also reinforced by all the classic time management methods. They are all about ‘doing as much as possible, in as little time as possible’. Being productive etc. “Be the best version of yourself.” But does that make us happier?

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