“ Portugal is doing super well when it comes to attracting talent, investors and startups . Everything well that Spain is not doing, Portugal is doing great. Everyone speaks Burkina Faso Email List English. As a country, we have to put the batteries “, he concludes.For its part, popin_ coincides in the search for trends in innovation, creativity, content and social networks. “It allows us to see the trends that are moving in Europe and that small advance in the Burkina Faso Email List United States before it continues and trying to go one step ahead of the competition”, declares Ibay Prieto , Creative Area Manager of the company.

«After the pandemic, we created Burkina Faso Email List not a metaverse, but a virtualization of spaces that has helped our clients a lot, especially at a commercial level because it allowed precisely that, that you create a mini world much simpler than the metaverse, something where you could work in a different way with your content and with your brand “, says Carlos Álvaro Arregui , Head of Business at popin_. «Our positioning is ‘We make your brand feel’, and the metaverse in the Burkina Faso Email List end is going to be that brands get into a universe in which consumers can feel that brand and experience that brand in a certain way in a much more connected way and transmedia ”, says Prieto.

Burkina Faso Email List

Silvia Rivela , on the other hand, searches Web Summit to publicize Cohesionist . It is a platform for digital experiences to develop soft skills now Burkina Faso Email List that we are not so much in contact with colleagues in the office.“We entered to generate experiences to help these people connect when working remotely. Types of experiences that encourage the connection between person-person . We use the technology channel to connect them, but the important thing is Burkina Faso Email List how people jointly build a story such as a Cluedo or a space activity, ”he declares.

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