Technology can be a very good resource to give depth to the experience. But the pack itself can contain part of the experience itself. KFC turned its buckets of fried chicken into cubes stamped with storybook figures so that. By placing the mobile inside the bucket with the flashlight on. It would illuminate the room while the app narrated the story. The intention of the brand to want to continue being useful to the family after the meal is wonderful. And it is, deep down, the philosophy of the brand experience: being able to be important in people’s day-to-day lives. The ‘retailtainment’ Retail brands are increasingly aware of this. Retail aspires to become more and more of an experience, be it online or physical. And if the two channels are harmonized, much better.

The point of sale is one of the best touchpoints

The point of sale is one of the best touchpoints to offer an immersive brand experience. That is why ‘retailtainment’ makes more and more sense when we Wedding Photo Editing understand that many purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, even though they are not consolidated at that moment or in that channel. The House of Vans in London, for example, has a capacity of 850 people. It has two indoor skate parks , a café, an art gallery and an auditorium. Obviously, a space like this is not only designed for people to buy. And yet it will generate many more purchases because it creates a large and loyal community for the brand. And although a flagship store is the ideal setting to create a memorable brand experience, we can also offer something memorable if we only have a corner.

Wedding Photo Editing

A couple of years ago Canada Goose

A couple of years ago, Canada Goose, a technical winter clothing brand, set up a -32 degree chamber for users to try on their coats. I don’t think anyone who India Lead tries that doesn’t tell it later.Canada Goose cold room As Cathy Sparks, the VP of Global Stores at Nike, says: “Retail is not dead, but boring retail is dead”. I agree, I would even go further. We live in a society that demands a lot of proactivity from brands. Either they are leading brands in their communities and provide good brand, product or service experiences, or they will end up ceasing to make sense. The product opportunity Because the product is another of the important touchpoints to offer a brand experience that makes a difference. In addition to fulfilling a function, the product can create an added experience that is even above.

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