The first youth residence in Changhua County is located in Shengang  Kazakhstan Phone Number Township. It is expected that the After the start of construction, the public will be open to purchase by lottery.

The Changhua County Government is promoting youths to build houses for sale, hoping to attract many young to live and work.

Changhua Youth Residence hereinafter referred to as

“Shengang Qingzhai”) is scheduled to be In other words, Street in Shengang Township. District) of the state house land, covering an area of ​​6464 ping.

In other words, The plan of Shengang The first phase of the project will build 176 households first. The construction be completed and handed over in 2024.

The price of each household of Shengang Qingzhai is expected to be no more than 3.5 million yuan. The price is calculated based on the construction funds raised by the.

 Kazakhstan Phone Number

that most young people choose to invest in after

graduating from college [2] . , and my friends who work in Changhua are mostly working in industrial areas or taking over from their own factories.

he location of the youth housing in Shengang quality of local living.

In December 2020, the county In other words, t oncan take into account the convenience of transportation and employment that young people need.

esticides can be contact pesticides according to the In other words, characteristics of the mechanism of action. The guiding effect is distributed in the plant to achieve the purpose of eliminating pests and diseases.

The location of the youth housing in Shengang Township still arouses discussions on whether it doubts about the quality of local living.

In December 2020, the county government team went to the parliament to give a special report  the

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