Now to get to the point:

The cognitive graph contains six concepts, in Australia WhatsApp Number List order: cognition, metacognition, axioms, words, routines, and biological bottom.

Let me share with you in turn:

To make it easier for everyone to understand, I compare the “cognitive graph” to the “human body”, which is the most appropriate analogy I can think of.



If the “cognitive map” is the human body, then cognition is the “brain” that controls the actions and thinking of the entire body.

We repeatedly polish every acquired knowledge,

form cognition at the conscious level and gradually transform it into the deepest subconscious mind. After that, we will naturally think that way when encountering things, just like a sniper develops muscle memory.

The richer and deeper the Australia WhatsApp Number List understanding, the higher the cognitive dimension. The level of cognitive “dimension” is the essential difference between people. The success and deep understanding of some people in a certain field is actually due to the fact that their cognitive level in this field has reached a certain height.

for example:

Shi Yuzhu, a legendary figure in China’s Internet industry, stopped the construction of the “Giant Building” in 1997 due to a financial break, and the Giant Group existed in name only. He owed 250 million yuan and became China’s “first negative”. In 2000, through the health product “melatonin” turned over in one fell swoop.

Over the past 20 years,

Australia WhatsApp Number List
Australia WhatsApp Number List

the image of a grandmother who “does not receive gifts this year, but only melatonin for gifts” has left a deep imprint on consumers’ hearts. Why “melatonin” can be successful? This is of course the result of a combination of reasons.

But it is undeniable that Shi Yuzhu’s cognition in the field of marketing is several dimensions higher than that of his contemporaries: “The essence of marketing advertising is to engrave the product in the first place in the user’s mental model in a specific demand scenario”, why? carve? The most effective is to repeat and repeat.

This perception was valid 20 years ago, and the same applies now, don’t you believe it? Just look at the advertisements on “58”, “Zhihu”, “Boss Zhipin”, and “Mafengwo”.

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