Over the last few years, podcasts have been viewed as an audible form of blogging and are growing enormously in the podcast industry – yet, as of 2022, there are only 2 million podcasts compared to over 600 million blogs worldwide. This means that while podcasts are becoming more popular, they still aren’t as saturated and competitive as blogging. In this blog, the expert Bold x Collective team will discuss the secret to a successful podcast, while providing guidance on how you can launch your very own podcast. bugherd-campaign-dan-2022 Let’s start with the basics. Where should you begin? Brainstorm Your Podcast As self-explanatory as this may sound, there is a huge amount of planning that goes into launching anything new and a podcast is no different.


This step begins with narrowing down


What your podcast will consist of, so what is the purpose of ­this podcast? Are you a freelancer or part of a business? Ask yourself, will this be a hobby you’re passionate about, or is it a part of your business strategy where the goal is to profit from this? Regardless, you will also Vietnam Phone Number need to define your theme and demographic. If your podcast will be true crime-related then your niche might be crime and mystery buffs; if your podcast is health and fitness related then your audience might be those who are interested in having a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, exercising, etc. Therefore, find your podcast’s purpose and its niche before moving on to the next steps.


Once you have figured out the purpose

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And niche of the podcast, you can now focus on coming up with a unique name for your podcast that intrigues your audience and describes the podcast. channable-in-page-campaign-social-commerce-2022 There are also plenty of free websites and tools that can generate names for you if you need inspiration. Get ideas from Business Name Generator or Get Welder, which are some great resources. Lastly you will need to create a schedule that. Includes your release schedule whether it be weekly bi-weekly. Or monthly as well as what days and times of the week and your podcast format. You will have to consider if you will be doing this solo or with a co-host or inviting new people to join in each episode. Perhaps even a combination of all three.

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