The study identifies a series of practices that characterize.  Companies with a greater brand orientation. They are the following: The CEO and senior management believe in the value. Of the brand and actively transmit it to the entire organization. They have a strategic platform of defined brand. Purpose that usually includes aspects of social and environmental responsibility. There is a brand culture that is part of the corporate culture and that is disseminated. Internally in the company and also to attract and retain talent. They view fostering such a culture as an investment in branding. They understand the importance of aligning each touch point. With the brand value proposition and purpose to generate. A positive experience consistent with the brand promise.

Brand managers ensure consistency

Brand managers ensure consistency in all actions and for this they work closely with the different functional areas of the company. They monitor the health Image Manipulation Service of the brand and report the results to senior management. They periodically review their brand strategy to ensure. That it remains relevant to their customers and differentiates them from the competition. They provide the brand with investment, support and resources, even in times of cuts. Their activation plans include internal and external audiences with whom they seek to create emotional bonds. These practices represent an excellent benchmark for improving brand management in all organizations.

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Verification that there is a direct relationship

Out by Summa and FMRE is the verification that there is a direct relationship between greater Brand Orientation and better Business Performance. Compared India Lead to the rest of the business fabric, more oriented companies present significant improvements in all these areas: They invoice 2.13 times more. Better productivity ratios. They grow 44% more in three years than the average for their sector and 75% more than their main competitor. They have 13 times higher margins and are 40% more profitable. Your productivity is 4 times higher. They have greater longevity (an average of 10 more years). Double the chances of being a market leader. They generate 22% more employment. Brand Orientation and Business Performance These results show that brand investment has a positive return for companies at the level of results, both market.

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