The interferences reaching the point of temporarily denying. By this I do not mean of course the reading of specific. Short extracts from authors which must be transmitted verbatim but the delivery through reading a textbook or notes. With this method the sleep of the audience is ensured but also the mistrust towards the face of the teacher. Nothing can replace the immediacy and liveliness of the spoken word.

The expense of oral teaching irreplaceable

After all the ability to speak is the most Raster to Vector Conversion  basic quality not of a good teacher but of any teacher. The use of audiovisual media is good to be done as an auxiliary way of teaching since nowadays the image has found new paths to touch our minds. In both technical and theoretical courses slide shows are proven to keep the student alert and allow messages to be captured faster and more permanently. But this should not be done at the expense of oral teaching irreplaceable for tradition just as reading remains irreplaceable for study. By saying above dialogue I must emphasize that I did not mean a confrontation of opinions. The dialogue during a lesson aims to clarify the positions presented by the teacher.

Raster to Vector Conversion

The teacher does not persuade impart

The students’ observations and objections India Lead help him analyze and explain his topic more fully. He does not try to convince and sway to his side with the help of dialogue. Which is generally impossible. The interlocutors usually either agree and clarify. Their views on common grounds or they disagree and present their views on different grounds in opposition without convincing. The teacher does not persuade impart knowledge or simply explain his views. The expression of objections is not an attempt by the student to impose them on the teacher nor is the latter’s response a way of convincing the former.

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