The user not the product Promote the feeling of internal and external community and interact with it Imagine new solutions and think about services and content, as or more important than the product Involve the consumer, ask questions and share challenges and resultsRafael Soto brand experience Posted on April 22, 2021 Musicians want to connect with their fans. Writers want to connect with their readers. Brands want to connect with their consumers. Musicians do it through music, writers through their texts. Brands, through experiences. From the brand experience. From real brand experiences… A brand experience is the result of contact with the brand through any of its entry points. Or put another way, we can use any brand touchpoint to generate a positive brand experience.

If you were a car you could have a stock umbrella

If you were a car you could have a stock umbrella cleverly integrated into the door. A great detail, cheap and very smart from Skoda. As a user, knowing that Photo Restoration someone has thought that when you get out of the car you can always have an umbrella in case it rains is very comforting. If you were a tea brand you could add phrases on the label with makes Yogi tea . Dipping the tea bag in hot water is a moment of calm. The messages on your labels amplify that moment by turning it into a moment of introspection. I’m sure people appreciate it in view of the photos they share on Instagram.Yogi Tea If you were a Starbucks brand of coffee, you would ask your employees to misspell customers’ names so they would have a story to tell when they arrived at the office with their name misspelled.

Photo Restoration

Well this is actually an urban legend

Well, this is actually an urban legend. Or at least Starbucks has never acknowledged that it makes mistakes on purpose to be insta-friendly . But it would India Lead  be a good brand experience because having the coffee cup in hand from the coffee shop exit to the office is a wonderful touch point. …a fictitious brand experience If you thought about connecting with a person, like a musician with his fans or a writer with his readers, how would you do it through a cup of coffee? Several occur to me. For example, a mug with a QR code that cynically predicts how your day will change from the moment you drink your coffee. Or a reusable cup with an NFC tag. When the cup is full and you bring it close to your mobile, it fills it with inspiration. If it sounds like science fiction to you.


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