• Turn off irrelevant information Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List notifications. On computers and mobile phones (including instant social software, etc. Or simply stay away from the device.
  • Clean up items that are not related to work goals. And do not open computer software that is not related to work.
  • Tell others that “you are focusing on work. When you can communicate, and if conditions permit. You can hang a “do not disturb” sign outside the door.

1.3 Stay away from lazy people

Stay away from inefficient, lazy people as much as possible. Because some vices are contagious. At the same time, look for people. Who are efficient and have the same goals to work. With, which will help you reach your goals faster.

(2) The problem of own factors

The “obstacles” caused by their Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List own factors can be roughly divided into two categories: “not enough attention” and “not using attention efficiently enough”.

2.1 Solve the problem of “insufficient attention”

Attention can be said to be “the source of all products”, and daily attention is limited. You must learn to abandon meaningless behaviors and habits that waste your attention and time, such as frequent brushing of friends circles without purpose.

Some practical ways:

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List
Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

Delete (or compress) information sources that are of little or no use to you (such as gossip official accounts, etc.), so how do you judge whether the information source is useful? An important criterion: can it influence your actions. Learn to deliberately pay attention to the information you check every day, and ask yourself how valuable this information source is. If it is of little value, delete it!

At the same time, distinguish between information sources viewed daily and information sources viewed weekly. High-quality information sources placed in key positions and viewed first; some non-core information sources hidden and viewed weekly. For example, get the APP in a key conspicuous position (on the core navigation), open it every morning and evening, and summarize it in the evening. For some product updates, you can check them in a unified manner half an hour before get off work on Friday.

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