These codes that define business typologies may change over time. They can evolve along with changes in the meanings of certain concepts at a social level. A good example is banks. Formerly the banks were these opaque places with indirect lights with almost no windows, lined with mahogany wood and with green glass lampshades. They had a visual code very similar to that of the English gentlemen’s club . In a way they were places for only a few. Over time, banks have come to be perceived as these professionals in the financial sector who help you make the most of your savings, no matter how few you have. They became spacious, open, diaphanous places, with an interior design dominated by friendly palettes, bare wood and free Wi-Fi for anyone who comes to the shop window.

His way of behaving also changed

Adapted to the level of empathy that today’s society requires. His entire visual code changed along with society. bank visua Ghost Mannequin Effect codes Graphic design has always helped make this navigation fluid through the creation of universally recognizable iconography: coats of arms, a pharmacy, the red cross, the cleat of a postal service… Color and iconography help us to decode the meaning of what we have around us. The case of startups and visual codes However, some time ago a type of company or service emerged that has shaken the importance of visual codes in our society: startups . By definition, a startup is any company that does not yet have a firm business model. But socially it has acquired another meaning and today we understand a startup.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

As any company that has a flexible service

As any company that has a flexible service structure, with a high technological character and whatever they sell is easy to understand and consume: fintechs, home India Lead delivery, social matching apps , VTC … All of them share a similar business style and even a very similar target. They form quickly and share much of their philosophy with each other. This has caused the visual codes of all of them. To come together under the startup umbrella and we can find.  New generation banks that behave visually like a fast food restaurant. If this happens the result is what we have now.  That we necessarily have to pay attention to the ad that jumps at us on Spotify.  A little more than necessary. In a world where almost all communications are oriented to a specific audience. We would have to see if this means.

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