This site tries to show visitors that they are here to offer you any item you want. With so many services, they separate reviews by service, making it easy and fast to find what you need. 38. Daniels Many other companies will Kazakhstan Phone Number show the end result, but this site shows you that the process is just as important. Start with an introductory video on team work. They use colors that match their trucks and machines to make the site look coordinated. There’s a lot of information, but it’s easy to browse all of it.

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Bachmann The site instantly shares information and pictures about the work they do. They highlight their work and showcase their unique work. They start explaining when the business started and how many projects have been completed, which is building trust with potential clients. 40. Frank’s Construction LLC Frank’s contractor website is all about showcasing Kazakhstan Phone Number List the home improvement they offer. They talk about their mission and vision. It’s a great way to show people visiting your website that they’re proud of your work and that you’re working hard to be the best possible candidate.

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Maya The contractor website features a red, white and blue color scheme. This makes the page attractive and easy to read. They show kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels. They detail how much remodeling work they did for each section. Keep potential clients happy because they know a lot of projects have been done before. They also explain why some Kazakhstan Phone Number List makeovers are a good idea to keep viewers interested in the project. 42. Chicago GC The colors are simple, with white space and some blue to match their logo. This makes the main focus on shared pictures. The first thing this company talks about is how it is a family business, showing visitors the importance of family. Then into the services they offer and some testimonials.