Plagiarism / duplicate content another practice that is penalized by google is the publication of duplicate content. Especially in the case of plagiarism. Which is when a site replicates material from another source without crediting the original author. In addition to being penalized by google. Duplicate content is always ineffective in terms of seo. As search engines identify and prioritize what was published first. Cloaking the cloaking technique consists of creating two versions of the same page. One. In code. Made by the developers. Will follow all the rules and guidelines of seo. To rank. The “visible” version that appears to users is totally different from what is displayed in the code. With poor readability and incorrect formatting for seo. Sneaky redirects in the sneaky redirect technique . The user clicks on a url but is subtly redirected to another domain .

It’s a bad practice that can also be used to separate users across devices. Generating a mobile link and a desktop link. For example. Unrelated keywords another very bad practice is the use of unrelated keywords . That is. The use of relevant terms. With high search volume. That are not related to the subject covered in the text. This technique is easily identified. Just enter the text to see words completely unconnected with each other being used. Spam in comments google also punishes sites that spam comments. Generating artificial messages. Created by fake profiles (or new. Useless accounts) just to simulate the relevance of content. Hidden content the use of hidden content is another well-known black hat practice. In practice. This is when the creator wants to include content in an article.

Landing Page

For seo. But doesn’t want it to be seen by users. Thus. It hides this part of the text by putting a font in the same color as the page background. Or decreasing Hungary phone number the font size. Doorway page / gateway page similar to cloacking . This technique. Called doorway page (or entry page) refers to the use of robots to create entire pages. Optimized for a specific keyword. The problem is that. When clicking on the page. Users find generic content. Often unrelated to what they were looking for. This type of practice has been easily identified (and penalized) by google since the algorithm updates in 2015. Linkfarm linkfarm ( link farm) is a practice that consists of internal linking of content that indicates sites with low relevance.

Hungary phone number

That is. They are pages created only to link to another. Without any quality content. This is another technique that was penalized by google with the algorithm update. What are google’s penalties for black hat practitioners? When google identifies a site that uses black hat. Several punishments are possible. They are: loss of organic traffic. Restriction of page positioning. Drop in pagerank and even total banning of the site. Users who are unfairly punished can appeal to the platform’s support . Also making the necessary adjustments to follow good practices. However. In general. To escape black hat. It is necessary to use the recommended seo techniques.

Onpage seo finally

What seo techniques are recommended by google? In the long term. The solutions for black hat are the good seo practices already disseminated by google. Discover the main ones below! Key words use keywords correctly. Indexing your content for one that makes sense for your brand and the topic covered in the article. Also. Make a genuine link. Only between topics that have a connection. Trusted links when creating a backlinks strategy . Bet on connecting to reliable sites that have synergy with your brand and credibility in the digital environment. Meta description another good measure is to fill in the meta description (or meta description. Text that appears below the title in google search) correctly. With an attractive and truthful summary of what the user will find when clicking on the link.


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