Time is a great asset and luckily you have a lot of control over how you spend that time. But while being less busy sounds appealing, we’re having a hard time getting it done.

In the TEDtalk ‘ The real reason you feel Risk Managers Email List so busy (and what to do about it) ‘ that YouTube recently shoved under my nose, Professor Dorie Clark explains why. Because while it is obvious that meetings and e-mail consume a lot of our time, there is more to it.(pdf), there are three deeper reasons that keep us busy that are interesting to consider.

Data Science and Data

Clients ask me that question everyday. I wish there was a one-size fits all answer. Unfortunately, data retention policies are not that simple. They are directly dependent upon the specific data and applications. Add in the complications of regulatory requirements, and data retention becomes a problem, which needs a custom solution.

So, how do you get out of that natural tendency to be busy all the time? By honestly looking at what is hidden behind the daily hustle and bustle. And being honest about what motivates us so we can make  different choices about how and with whom we spend our time is Clark’s advice.

Risk Directors Email Lists

Scientists – Skill and Salary

To recognize that real freedom is about creating the space so that we can breathe, the space so that we can think. Ultimately, real freedom is about choosing how and with whom we want to be spending our time. – Dorie Clark

What also helps, of course, is wanting less or putting things off in time.

Who knows, it might inspire you to take the time in the coming ‘cucumber season’ to look critically at your agenda and to do list. What are you so busy with? Are there things you can do differently? And are you still happy with what you do? Time to take back control.

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