To the needs and desires of consumers. With that objective, we leave you our 10 best posts of the course Packaging five trends to get closer to the consumer summa team Packaging: five trends to get closer to the consumer Posted on July 22, 2021 If the consumer’s day-to-day changes, their purchasing decisions do too. The period we are experiencing, marked by uncertainty, is greatly affecting the consumer, who has reinvented himself . More than ever, brands must provide answers not only guided by their legitimate interests or seeking mere economic benefit, but also by satisfying collective needs. And packaging is not (or should not be) alien to this social, economic and business movement. Packaging must follow a series of trends to get closer to the consumer.

Companies that offer consumer products

Companies that offer consumer products operate in a more demanding context. That is why it is more important than ever that the consumer, their needs Philippines Photo Editor and their expectations are at the center of all decisions, including those that affect their products and their packaging. These are five trends, and their examples, that are already significantly affecting the world of packaging. Trend 1: Slow down and reconnect Packaging joins the slow movement to connect more directly with the consumer’s need to stop and redefine their parameters of life and consumption. And it does so through a calm visual style, where simplicity is the key but without losing the ability to communicate. Soft colors, full color backgrounds, austere graphic structures with focused compositions.

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Constant fonts and a touch of craftsmanship

Constant fonts and a touch of craftsmanship are other resources used by these packs where the ‘less and more’ triumphs. slow packaging Trend 2: the India Lead end of obsolescence What if the packaging of a product does not end up in the trash? Or if the packaging was not only useful during the useful life of the product, but beyond it? What if instead of creating the best packaging in the world, you seek the best packaging for the world? More and more companies are seeking sustainability through their packaging, with the aim of reducing their impact on the planet and raising awareness among their consumers. Some basic keys to take into account to design greener packaging can be: Reduce and optimize the use of materials. Prioritize recyclable and or biodegradable materials based.

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