During the User Experience training, you will get started with UX Design, Process, and Research. Knowing more?  Despite tech innovators, digital transformation does not necessarily come about through technology. The corona crisis France WhatsApp Number List shows that. Biology brought about enormous changes in society. At the same time, yearning for the ‘old normal’ is a utopia.

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The new normal will ever materialize. That sounds desperate, but it isn’t when you put your ear to Greg Verdino. He is consid a provocative futurist and an authority on digital transformation. And don’t let this Verdino believe in a new normal at all. No, the digital expert believes in a ‘never-normal’. This is instructive for anyone who wants to get their organization involved in innovation and transformation.

France WhatsApp Number List
France WhatsApp Number List

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No one expected that the corona pandemic would cause so many changes in work. In no time we work digitally from home, provide online webinars that it is a delight, and we get square eyes from Zoom, Meet, Jitsi, or Teams every day. We meantime a bit for feedback and in brainstorming sessions. No, the corona was not on the digital transformation bingo card.

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