The Canadian creative agency based in Las Palmas and Madrid, La Escalera de Fumío , obtained representation through two bronzes in the Senegal Email List categories Original Music for Radio, Cinema, TV and / or Internet and Institutional Campaigns and Corporate Image with its campaigns « Let them say what they want ”for the Clipper drink Senegal Email List and Diageo’s“ Distilling Truths ”, respectively. Awards that position it as the only creative agency in the archipelago to be awarded, twice in the same edition, for the organization of the Festival.

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Creativity to the power of La Escalera de Fumío The Senegal Email List two campaigns, developed by La Escalera de Fumío, awarded at the festival are a faithful reflection of the differential personality of the work team behind each one of them. Both involve a conscious exercise to understand very well the momentum in which the leading brands were, and above all, the Senegal Email List social context of action on which it was intended to create an effect of attraction, reflection and communication. “Distilling truths” is the name of the creative idea developed by La Escalera de Fumío for Senegal Email List the initiative of the world’s leading premium drinks company, Diageo , and starring its brands Tanqueray and J&B with which it was tried to raise awareness about falsehoods myths around the modes of consumption of alcoholic Senegal Email List beverages. A campaign that sought to unveil the truth about the universe of alcohol based on a scientific basis, which would convey to the target audience the reality that responsible consumption always starts before information is provided. “It’s not what you drink”,

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but how much do you drink was the central message of this campaign, with which it was intended to generate consumer awareness, materialized in various audiovisual pieces located on the main digital platforms of the brands. “Let them say what they want” was the name of the song and video clip starring the Canarian artist of the genre Trap Juacko with whom the Clipper Senegal Email List brand reconnected with its younger audience. Breaking the mold, and adapting to the idiosyncrasy of that desired fan base, La Escalera de Fumío proposed this advertising campaign outside of its standards and formats. A video clip (and not a spot) to talk about the brand, content and protagonists Senegal Email List to share the same language and style of thought and life in such a way that it will be possible to impact that desired audience without thereby perceiving the tangible value of the advertising.

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