The Altice Arena in Lisbon is hosting a new edition of Web Summit until November 4 . For yet another year, industry professionals gather at one of the Haiti Email List largest technological meetings in the world, which this time has reached 40,000 tickets sold. This installment is being starred, above all, by cryptocurrencies and the need to acquire sustainable strategies. But, of course, the metaverse has not been lacking either , that concept that Facebook has Haiti Email List brought back to the fore.

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Even Martin Sorrell , CEO of S4 Haiti Email List Capital, has dedicated a space of his talk at Web Summit to talk about this topic that keeps the world in suspense. “Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are areas that are sending and leading the development of the metaverse”, he stated during his presentation ‘ Advertising 2022 : What’s hot and what’s not?’LEGO has just raised the Haiti Email List curtain on a new installment of its celebrated ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign , this time accompanied by a vibrant version of the Queen classic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.In “Rebuild the World” the famous Danish toy brand pays tribute to the way in which the overwhelming creativity of children Haiti Email List can really change the world (for the better of course).

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This theme is also the backbone of the new LEGO commercial , which makes some nods to current topics such as the environment, diversity and gender. Through Haiti Email List the ad , interspersed with fun and action, parade a dragon with the soul of a firefighter that spits water from its mouth, «stormtroopers» that flee like a soul carried by the devil from a swarm of bees , cacti that, dressed in suits made with LEGO Dots dance happily and can befriend Haiti Email List balloons (happily safe from their spikes), a princess driving a racing car and a billboard with the slogan ‘Romeo & Julio’.

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