We have built the first end-to-end encrypted calendar . The calendar encrypts all data, even event attendees are stored encrypted.

The calendar is zero-knowledge because even when you get a push notification of an upcoming event, we’ve built this reminder service in such a way that our servers never see the notification. This will keep our servers in the dark not only about what event you have, but also when your events take place.

Any calendar that has email notifications – even when encrypted – cannot be considered zero-knowledge. This is why we have made an effort to send encrypted notifications directly to Tutanota clients, for example on desktop or mobile. The great advantage of mobile apps is that you also get these reminders when you are not using the app.

Check out our post C Level Executive List about our first calendar release to learn why encrypted notifications are so important to protect your privacy.

 Focus on open source

We have released all email clients as open source so security experts can always check the code .

This way we make sure that there can never be an encryption backdoor in Tutanota.

Along with this focus on open source, we do not use any Google services, such as Google Push or Goggle reCaptcha, to ensure that this Silicon Valley giant cannot track you while checking your secure mailbox or encrypted calendar.


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 You see something

You hear something or you read something that you cannot immediately identify. As a bystander you taste and experience something that immediately grabs your attention.

For our guerilla campaign we went in search of a wind band (or a mop orchestra as we call it here). A brass band, or a horn and drum ensemble that could provide some contrast in a school with students (again, below you can see how it turned out).

And then we come to the real essence. I haven’t laughed so hard in years as the days when I was looking for a brass band for our marketing campaign. The names they give themselves as an association or foundation? Just really fcking brilliant.

After day two it became more of a sport to find the most hilarious names of brass bands than to book a band or artist yourself, but that’s beside the point. So this article is about the most hilarious names and advertising pay-offs ever conceived.

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