The opinion of the professionals 74.5% of professionals in the digital industry consider that online video in advertising contributes a lot to Belarus Email Lists meeting the objectives of a certain campaign. Another of the conclusions drawn from the survey of professionals is that it is a very relevant discipline for branding strategies. Professionals also point out that online video Belarus Email Lists considerably improves viewing and CTR results if the environment in which it is released is contextualized.

For Alberto Martín, Advertising Sales Director & Milanuncios Sales Director of Adevinta Spain, “online video is increasingly in vogue among those Belarus Email Lists of us who are dedicated to digital advertising.” «For us it is a very useful format that allows us to connect with the user. Therefore, for companies with digital DNA and who have a user centric vision, such as Adevinta Spain, online video is synonymous with both the present and the future. For this reason, reports such as the Annual Belarus Email Lists Online Video Study prepared by IAB Spain and sponsored by Adevinta Spain also become a key tool for getting to know our users better and knowing how to be relevant to them ”, he declared.

Belarus Email Lists


The promotion took place in all the Belarus Email Lists channels of the brand (organic, web, blog and social networks). Not counting the involvement of the Coach himself by being chosen to give the good news to the winner of the draw. The platforms that echoed the campaign ranged from television, to billboards, buses, brand days in newspapers and sports sites, general press and Belarus Email Lists social ads. A job that resulted in more than 65,000 calls in the 9 days that the campaign lasted and more than 118k clicks to the web and more than 60,000 visits to the campaign landing , hosted on

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