Editor’s introduction: For designers, China Phone Number the style of the interface is a major focus of attention. Today, the author of this article analyzes Apple’s newly launched macOS Big Sur system. By analyzing the design style of this generation of macOS, we introduce a new design trend – Glassmorphism (new mimic style). It has not been updated for a long China Phone Number time. Today, I will talk about the newly launched macOS Big Sur system by Apple. As a designer, the main concern is the interface style.

Glassmorphism China Phone Number

The dsign style of this generation of macOS has been greatly changed. Which is significantly different from the previous generations. China Phone Number A large number of rounded corner elements, and the most important frosted glass translucent effect, feel that the mobile phone has moved to the computer. Above, this is very “iOS”! Because of the glass-like appearance. I think the best way to call it is Glassmorphism. 1. Glassmorphism As a new style on the market now, China Phone Number it has become more and more popular. This new trend is more vertical than the previous hype of. Neumorphism, which mimics an extruded plastic surface (but still looks like a layer).

History China Phone Number

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Here are its most defining characteristics: Transparency (uses a frosted glass effect with a blurred background); A multi-layered approach  to objects floating in space; Vibrant colors accentuate blurry transparency; Subtle light borders on translucent objects. This verticality, and the fact that you can see through it, means that users can build hierarchy and depth in the interface. The user just sees which layer is above which layer, like virtual glass. 2. History China Phone Number Background blur was first introduced widely with iOS 7 in 2013. It’s a pretty significant change. But with all the controversy surrounding super light fonts and ugly icons. This is one of those changes that isn’t controversial.



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